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GitLab Value Streams Dashboard: A Unified View across Technology Value Streams and Software Value Delivery Metrics

New enhancement offers out-of-the-box DORA metrics and Value Stream Flow metrics.

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GitLab is developing a Value Streams Dashboard, currently in private beta.

The GitLab Value Streams Dashboard empowers teams to ship better software faster to customers, by providing a unified view across technology value streams and software value delivery metrics.

  • Out-of-the-box DORA metrics and Value Stream Flow metrics.
  • Historic charts and configurable dashboard views.
  • Drill downs to resolve bottlenecks.

This Gitlab talk provides an introduction to DevOps metrics in GitLab and why it is useful to track them.

DORA metrics in GitLab One DevOps Platform

DORA‘ metrics refers to the measures developed by Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment team, and in this GitLab Speed Run, Haim Snir gives an overview of how DORA metrics can be applied using the GitLab One DevOps Platform.

The first step to improving DevOps and Agile processes is measuring them. Once we can measure a process, we can identify opportunities for greater efficiency and begin to correlate those opportunities with business value, connecting the entire organization with a common goal and vision.

DORA is a list of four metrics that are straightforward, focused, and easy to implement. They form an excellent foundation for your metrics initiatives, helping improve your existing DevSecOps efficiency while also building a bridge to business stakeholders.

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