Technologies and Best Practices for Optimizing DevOps Velocity

To deliver on their digital transformation goals enterprise organizations seek to deploy high quality code, faster and more frequently.

But they face a complexity of organization, process and technology that can hinder this objective, slowing throughput and developer productivity.

DevOps Flow is a methodology for implementing high performance, Cloud-centric software development, based on a science developed by Toyoto to optimize factory lines and apply this to software engineering.

A repeatable best practice model based on insights from McKinsey, Microsoft, BMW, Scotiabank, Mastercard and many more.

Core Capabilities

Assessment and Metrics

Measure and monitor the throughput of DevOps processes, through high performance metrics.

Process Optimization

Map workflow processes, identify and remediate bottlenecks to increase throughput capacity.

Platform Engineering

Cloud platform architecture that accelerates Continuous Deployment practices.

Building Blocks

Flow Modules

DevOps Flow is implemented through a core set of building block best practices and systems.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping to chart and understand the critical steps in a specific process, quantifying the time and volume taken at each stage, to identify key constraints like slow hand-off interactions.

Flow Metrics

Performance can be optimized through Flow Metrics, measurements to model the entire system – end-to-end – to understand how value flows and where it is constrained.

DevOps Toolchain

The DevOps Toolchain refers to the combination of tools and technologies used to progress code through the full life-cycle from development to production.

Software Factory

A Software Factory provides an overall metaphor for adopting insights from the world of manufacturing and applying automation practices to improve the ‘Developer Velocity Index‘.


Transformation Practices

Organizational models and process improvements for increasing DevOps capacity and quality.

Flow Recipes

Permutations of DevOps tools combined in a particular way to achieve a high velocity throughput.


Project system for engineering and product management that operates within GitHub.

Modular Platform for Building an Integrated DevOps Toolchain.

Tasktop is the archetype vendor for implementing DevOps Flow, through their Flow Framework®.

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