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Platform Engineering: Architecting an Enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform on Microsoft Azure

Kaspar Von Grünberg explains architecture best practices for building an 'IDP' and a reference blueprint for implementing it on Microsoft Azure.

As experts describe in a previous blog the central feature of Platform Engineering is an ‘IDP’ – Internal Developer Platform.

In this insightful video, Kaspar Von Grünberg from Humanitec shares practical guidance and best practices for architecting an enterprise-grade IDP.

Discover how IDPs empower developers with self-service capabilities and drive standardization, increasing productivity and reducing waiting time.

Kaspar delves into the core design principles behind IDPs, emphasizing golden paths, standardization, dynamic configuration management, developer workflow freedom, and code as the single source of truth.

Embark on your platform journey and revolutionize your development process with an enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform.

Azure Reference Model

Furthermore Kaspar offers this blueprint for a specific implementation on Microsoft Azure.

In this session, Kaspar walks through the architectural components of a modern dynamic IDP based on real-world experiences:

  • Learn design principles for a scalable IDP using interchangeable tools such as Azure EKS, Humanitec, Azure Pipelines, Terraform, and more.
  • Design great interaction patterns for platform engineers and developers to standardize config files and enable true developer self-service.
  • Solve common challenges such as low levels of productivity and innovation, missing self-service, cognitive developer load, and lack of standardization through transforming your static CI/CD setup into an enterprise-grade IDP.

Download the presentation slides here.

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