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CIO Playbook: Driving Digital Transformation Success with Value Stream Management

How CIOs can use value stream management to adopt a digital-first mindset.

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Optimizing DevOps Value Streams

In this webinar HCSC VP, Divisional Technology Officer, Russell Moss, and Tasktop VP of Product Marketing, Naomi Lurie, explain how CIOs can use value stream management to adopt a digital-first mindset and work through these challenges by:

  • Improving business value flow to drive better business outcomes.
  • Investing with intent in long-term product health, including tech debt.
  • Defending business agility by protecting teams from over-utilization.
  • Relentlessly focusing on time-to-market and shorter feedback loops to outpace the competition.

Tasktop describes the use of Value Stream Mapping to chart and understand the critical steps in a specific process and quantifies easily the time and volume taken at each stage, identifying key constraints like slow hand-off interactions.

As Dominica DeGrandis, Director of Digital Transformation for Tasktop explains in this blog the disconnects between systems and departments are typically the main focal point of errors and lost time and delays. The handoffs generate a considerable wastage of time and effort, slowing the DevOps Flow.

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