Flow Engineering: How to Get to Flow – Steve Pereira

The CEO of Visible Value Stream Consulting is a Platform Engineering guru and defines best practices for DevOps Flow Engineering.

Steve Pereira is the CEO of Visible Value Stream Consulting.

He is a DevOps and Platform Engineering guru, recently speaking at Platformcon to share keen insights on GE’s huge platform venture Predix.

Steve is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value, showing teams how to use simple tools and techniques to make big changes.

For the past 20 years, his focus has been on sharing mapping techniques to guide ambitious and struggling teams towards their true north.

Flow Engineering

Steve has codified his deep expertise into repeatable best practices: ‘Flow Engineering‘, which builds on the lean practice of Value Stream Mapping by leveraging three additional mapping techniques to guide you from pains and goals to creating your own bespoke Flow Roadmap.

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