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Consulting and Technology Solutions to Help You Optimize Your DevOps Value Streams.

Velocity Engineering

A holistic expert practice that spans across your technology estate, organizational structures and team processes, to realize a whole system transformation that speeds DevOps velocity.


Flow Engagement

We deploy a dedicated team to work with you through a full cycle of analysis and optimization.


Flow Analysis

Value Stream Mapping of your current DevOps workflow life-cycle to identity system constraints and skills gaps.


Flow Optimization

Implement the process improvements and technology enhancements required to address bottlenecks and increase throughput capacity.

FlowOps Guide

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Flow Recipes

DevOps Flow is overlaid on to key development tools and platforms, covering Atlassian, AWS, Azure and others.

‘Flow Recipes’ offer a bottom up approach that identifies different permutations of DevOps tool combinations and integrations required to achieve a high velocity throughput. + Azure DevOps integration

Seamlessly connect Azure DevOps with to align the work your developers do with your larger business plans.

AWS Glue Studio – Git Integration

AWS Glue Studio added support to integrate with Git versioning systems. Use AWS Glue Studio to sync changes to your repositories and your jobs in AWS Glue.

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