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AWS Glue Studio – Git Integration

AWS Glue Studio added support to integrate with Git versioning systems.

If you have remote repositories and want to manage your AWS Glue jobs using your repositories, you can use AWS Glue Studio or the AWS CLI to sync changes to your repositories and your jobs in AWS Glue.

When you sync changes this way, you’re pushing the job from AWS Glue Studio to your repository, or pulling from the repository to AWS Glue Studio.

With Git integration in AWS Glue Studio, you can:

  • Integrate with Git version control systems AWS CodeCommit and GitHub
  • Edit AWS Glue jobs in AWS Glue Studio whether you use visual jobs or script jobs and sync them to a repository
  • Parameterize sources and targets in jobs
  • Pull jobs from a repository and edit them in AWS Glue Studio
  • Test jobs by pulling from branches and/or pushing to branches utilizing multi-branch workflows in AWS Glue Studio
  • Download files from a repository and upload jobs into AWS Glue Studio for cross-account job creation
  • Use your automation tool of choice (for example, Jenkins, AWS CodeDeploy, etc.)

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