Value Stream Management

A value stream map is a visual tool that displays all critical steps in a specific process and easily quantifies the time and volume taken at each stage.

Value Stream Mapping is used to chart and understand the critical steps in a specific process, quantifying the time and volume taken at each stage, to identify key constraints like slow hand-off interactions.

  • Mandy Storbakken of VMware provides a high level introduction, explaining it for a scenario of IT service management and how to develop the metrics required to manage and improve the process.
  • Experts like Cutter explain it’s adoption in large enterprise scenarios, saying that it should be senior leaders that embrace it as a core practice for transformation and how it fits with methodology such as SAFe.

The Theory of Constraints

Systems methodology can then be applied to improve the throughput of the mapped workflows. Originating from the world of manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints offers insights for understanding how to identify and remediate bottlenecks in process flow.

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