Tasktop is the archetype vendor for implementing DevOps Flow, through their Flow Framework®.

Flow Framework measures the end-to-end software delivery value stream, from concept to cash. It tells you how long it takes to deliver something from the moment you’ve accepted the work.

Value Stream Management

Tasktop combines the power of the leading value stream management platform with proven methodology, expert advisory services and a robust partner ecosystem. Sitting above the entire software development toolchain, Tasktop’s VSM platform integrates all popular software development tools, like JiraServiceNow®Azure DevOps and many more, allowing organizations to see where work is getting stuck and how they can improve.

Integrated Toolchain

Tasktop’s Flow Fabric™ federates access to the data housed in more than 60 Agile, DevOps and IT tools, and the Tasktop Hub automatically synchronizes data and updates between the tools by integrating the software that teams use for planning, engineering, testing and product support and effortlessly keep everyone on the same page.

Contact Information
Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada
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