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Atlassian offers an open ecosystem approach where a multitude of different vendors can be integrated together to achieve a single DevOps Value Stream.

They offer a suite of tools for automating the DevOps life-cycle, spanning from planning and collaboration through shipping code and service tracking, augmented by a third-party partner marketplace.

Market Drivers

With the rise of remote work and the need for flexible computing environments, businesses are turning to virtual desktops to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Solution Roadmap

Develop a holistic solution set that combines VDI with other key enabling technologies, such as Identity and App Modernization, to enable partners to address a complete enterprise scenario.

Marketing Campaign

The accelerator will execute a large-scale content and webinar campaign that positions virtual desktop capabilities at the heart of the New World of Work revolution.

Vendor Flow Guides map best practices on to vendor platforms. Partner Accelerators bring together channel combinations that enable new, high value market-ready solutions.

Accelerator Guide

Overview of this accelerator, covering the market opportunity, solution components and partner business models.

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Private team workspace for partners to meet and collaborate, with e-learning courseware for sales team enablement.

Atlassian Best Practices

We provide an ongoing series of Virtual Desktop product news and implementation best practices.

Teams can focus on building and operating software while Open DevOps integrates Atlassian and partner tools automatically.

This session explores microservices and how it led to the creation of Compass, Atlassian’s developer experience platform.

Integrate your robust project management stack on Jira cloud with the extensive code management and CI/CD functionality offered by GitLab.


Make meaningful connections with a unified solution for meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more.
Neat is a leading provider of innovative devices specifically designed for popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
A comprehensive guide explaining how you can utilize Microsoft Teams for your telephony as well as your collaboration requirements.

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