ZenHub is a project system for engineering and product management that operates within GitHub, integrates features like Backlog Management and Sprints directly into Github.


It is natively integrated into GitHub, using Issues and GitHub’s underlying data to keep project progress up-to-date and your software roadmap on track.

In their blog How to use GitHub for Project Management, they describe their core approach of mapping agile concepts and working models on to the functionality of their app, such as Product And Sprint Backlogs – The team can feed in all the outstanding work and assign tasks to sprints, adding Estimates to issues (by time or complexity), requirements, and attach a Milestone.

Zenhub emphasize the cost of ‘context switching’, where workers have to change between tools to continue their work.  A study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that people who multitask see a 40% drop in productivity. When interrupted from a task, it takes 20-30 minutes to refocus.

Zenhub eliminates this need to switch, by embedding the functionality of their application within another, in this case Github, thus augmenting the features that environment provides to your developers.

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