Optimizing Flow with Value Stream Management

Value Stream Management (VSM) is used to chart and understand the critical steps in a specific process, quantifying the time and volume taken at each stage, to identify key constraints like slow hand-off interactions.

Building an Integrated Toolchain

The DevOps Toolchain refers to the combination of tools and technologies used to progress code through the full life-cycle from development to production.

Cloud Native Software Engineering

Cloud Native Computing involves developing applications as a collection of loosely coupled and independently deployable microservices, packaged in containers, and dynamically orchestrated to optimize resource utilization.


Enhancing the Developer Experience

DevEx refers to the systems, technology, process, and culture that influence the effectiveness of software development.

It looks at all components of a developer’s ecosystem—from environment to workflows to tools—and asks how they are contributing to developer productivity, satisfaction, and operational impact.

DevOps Metrics for High Performance

Establishing the right DevOps metrics will enable development teams to define and measure what matters, providing a control loop for ensuring their transformation and new working processes deliver high performance results.