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The DevOps Toolchain refers to the combination of tools and technologies used to progress code through the full life-cycle from development to production.
Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador for the Institute, shares this comprehensive presentation that demonstrates combining the power of DevOps with Value Stream Management provides unparalleled insights into the progress of DevOps adoption.
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Integrating DevOps Workflows

As Eric Billingsley writes on DevOps.com, the challenges developers face include poor interoperability between tools and manual handoffs causing DevOps automation silos, adding unnecessary complexity, and increased policy and security requirements that simply cannot scale and remain manual.
Atlassian describes how this can be achieved through an all-in-one vendor offering, for example the full stack Azure DevOps toolchain, or a toolchain customized for a team’s needs with different tools.
Atlassian offers their Open DevOps platform and ecosystem, where a multitude of tools can be mixed and matched across functions of planning, build, CI/CD and testing.


A DevOps toolchain is a collection of tools that enables DevOps teams to collaborate across the entire product lifecycle and to tackle key DevOps fundamentals. The tools a DevOps toolchain includes operate as an integrated unit for planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, operations, collaboration and feedback.

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A DevOps toolchain consists of the technology and tools that enable development as well as operations teams to work together throughout the whole software lifecycle. A toolchain's components typically operate one after the other, with the output of one tool acting as the input for the subsequent one.

Best Practices

An ongoing article series on implementing Integrated Toolchain best practices.

Learn what’s possible by evaluating your DevOps toolchain and narrowing your tools—giving teams better workflows and streamlined processes.

Atlassian offers an open ecosystem approach where a multitude of different vendors can be plug and play integrated together to achieve a single DevOps Value Stream.

Nicole Bryan and Jeff Zahorchak explain the process of mapping DevOps workflow to build an integrated toolchain, and optimize it for high performance through implementing Flow Metrics.

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