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Flow Metrics offer a methodology for effectively quantifying, measuring and improving the throughput of DevOps work streams.
Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and identify bottlenecks in the development process. Use metrics like cycle time, lead time, and throughput to measure team performance and make data-driven decisions for improvement.
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High Performance Measurement

Establishing the right DevOps metrics will enable development teams to define and measure what matters, providing a control loop for ensuring their transformation and new working processes deliver high performance results.
Tasktop describes that there are four Flow Metrics that measure how value flows through a product’s value stream, calculated on four Flow Items – units of work that matter to a business: features, defects, debt, and risk.

Developer Velocity Index

McKinsey developed the Developer Velocity Index (DVI) from an in-depth survey of senior executives at 440 large enterprises, more than 100 expert interviews, and extensive external research.


Google's DevOps research team defined 'DORA' - ‘Four Keys’ of Deployment Frequency (DF), Lead Time for Changes (LTC), Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR), and Change Failure Rate (CFR).

Best Practices

An ongoing article series on implementing Flow Metrics best practices.

Flow Metrics offer a methodology for effectively quantifying and improving the throughput of DevOps work streams.

The bank explains how traditional Project Management approaches failed to achieve their transformation goals, and so they turned to Flow Metrics.

Learn from the 2021 Google Cloud DevOps Award winner, Deutsche Bank, on how they have been accelerating their DevOps with DORA principles.

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