Developer Velocity Index

McKinsey developed the Developer Velocity Index (DVI) from an in-depth survey of senior executives at 440 large enterprises, more than 100 expert interviews, and extensive external research.

It pinpoints the most critical factors (related to technology, working practices, and organizational enablement) in achieving Developer Velocity. It expands the scope of how Agile traditionally defines Velocity, to connect it with a general ability for IT to deliver strategic value.

They identify top-quartile DVI scores correlate revenue growth that is four to five times faster than bottom-quartile DVI scores.

and that:

Top-quartile companies also have 60 percent higher total shareholder returns and 20 percent higher operating margins. In addition, top-quartile players appear to be more innovative, scoring 55 percent higher on innovation than bottom-quartile companies. These businesses also score higher on customer satisfaction, brand perception, and talent management.

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