Business Driven Roadmaps

The goal of DevOps Flow is an increased rate of software deployment, and it is of course essential that this is linked to business strategy and goals.

The principle challenge for organizations adopting Agile development practices is that they can often exist in technical isolation. Yes development is driven by user requirements, but there is no broader context of business transformation and ROI, no formal linkage to enterprise strategy.

Business Driven Roadmaps

Mastercard offers a blueprint for achieving this link. In this presentation they define how they fuse Business Architecture and Agile Development, that includes a method for implementing ‘Business Driven Roadmaps’.

Through Business Driven Roadmaps and Architecture-Driven Investments, they explicitly define and cascade high level strategic objectives through the development process and back, so that traceability is achieved between top level corporate goals, the major capabilities required to achieve them and then the software development work being undertaken to deliver those capabilities, with a clear understanding of how these investments are intended to realize an ROI.

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